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Organic cucumber for the WTO

Alina Topornina estimated how possibly that it will be accepted to legalize the offer of the Ministry of Agriculture concept of organic agricultural products and to develop measures of state support of its production.

The Ministry of Agriculture suggested to legalize concept of organic agricultural products and to develop measures of state support of its production. Ekofermera promise to reduce cost and to use membership of Russia in the WTO, to leave with organic cucumbers and pumpkins on the European Union market. Experts are skeptical: the fashion on non-polluting production is justified in the conditions of market glut.

The Ministry of Agriculture suggests to develop production of organic agricultural production in Russia. The relevant document is published on Monday on a site of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for an assessment of regulating influence.

In the current legislation there is no concept «organic agricultural products» or «non-polluting production». Doesn’t give accurate information and the new bill while in it its general characteristics are described only: production of such production assumes minimization or complete refusal of use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides, regulators and accelerators of growth of plants and animals.

Emergence of non-polluting products is interfered by absence not only standards, but also mechanisms of the state support of their production, authors of the document note and offer how to correct a situation. The bill provides at once some types of state support: creation of system of certification of bioproduction, the target credits, subsidies, insurance of risks (from a crop failure and diseases), support of consumer agricultural cooperation, the small and average business, rendering services to producers of organic production.

It is supposed that the law will come into force in 2015.

According to International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, the volume of the Russian market of an ekoproduktsiya last year made $60 — 80 million. These are no more than 0,1 % from all food consumed in Russia.

The farmers occupied in cultivation and production of organic chemistry, approve the new bill and expect to increase the market of bioproducts. «Only 10 % of the organic production sold in the country, a domestic production, the rest — an import from the European Union countries, generally from Germany» — is explained by head of association of producers of organic production Alexander Konovalov.

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