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Energy, oil and gas

The legal work that focuses on oil and gas problems addresses the specific needs of the industry:  antitrust, civil, tariff regulation, strategic investment and many other issues.

We have an extensive experience in energy disputes that had created legal precedents in the development of the energy law.

“Yukov and Partners” lawyers constantly advocate clients interests in energy disputes, that became precedents. There are some examples:

- successful defense of the interests of the network company in a dispute between the company and the customer concerning network connection;
- damages recover from the electrical equipment manufacturer in favor of energy company;
- legal support of the case related to the definition of the supply of associated petroleum gas as fuel for power plants conditions;
- settlement of disputes relating to the payment of electricity contracts , etc.

“Yukov and partners” lawyers also render the following services in this field:
- Legal expertise of license agreements for oil and gas companies;
- Advising on the rent of electricity distribution equipment;
- Legal support of the purchase of shares of the energy enterprises;
- Development of strategies to attract private investment in municipal energy sector, etc.

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