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Corporate law

Corporate law is the field of utmost importance for «Yukov and Partners».

Head of practice: Svetlana Minakova

There are two main stages in working with corporate clients:

1)     representing the clients’ interests in courts

2)     legal consulting on corporate law and transactional support.

The experience of our lawyers has become the basis of Russian case-law, as our experts resolved the cases that made precedents, for instance, for instance.

-       corporate disputes between shareholders or disputes between shareholders and the legal entity itself;

-       disputes relating to the compulsory purchase of minority shareholders’ shares;

-       disputes relating to the exchange of shares during merger;

-       recovery of damages caused by the members of management board;

-        invalidation of shareholder agreements that are contrary to law of the RF etc.

In addition, Yukov and Partners carries out complex projects using the court practice, out-of-court consultation and business support. Among the projects are the development of management awarding programs; legal support of takeover with a further squeeze-out procedure; development of different partnership agreements to structure businesses; creating new companies for separate projects, etc.

Thus, our law office offers the services of unique specialists in the field of corporate law, experienced in litigation and business structuring.

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