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Employment and labour law

Consulting and representing clients in court on labour law issues has become one of the most demanded areas of activity for Yukov and Partners.

The head of practice is Irina Adamova.

The labour law issues – arrangement of labour, dismissal, financial or disciplinary responsibility – are relevant as the issues raised lie within the field of interests of both employer and employee.

The labour and employment law is now often used when a conflict arises between an employer and an employee. The misconduct of both and breaking the labour laws leads to violation of rights of both parties of the labour agreement. Taking into view that the employee is deemed to be the weaker party in the labour relationship, they are more likely to need the professional legal help and consultation on Russian labour law issues.
Often when the employer does not follow the labour law, the case is resolved in favour of the employee, though the latter, in his turn, could be held disciplinarily liable and can avoid sanctions only because his misconduct was not formalized correctly.

Our professionals will help you avoid the abuse of your labour rights and protect them if necessary. The specialists of Yukov and Partners are also ready to consult you on the issues of imposing liability on the employee. We are ready to professionally help both the employee whose rights were infringed, and the employer seeking protection from the employee suit. Every case is reviewed and analysed.

We offer:

-full- scale consulting services on labour law;

-legal opinions on the labour law cases;

-help in legal settlement;

-drafting applications, working out the legal positions in the dispute, litigation;

-consulting on signing, changing, or termination of the labour contracts

-challenging the employer’s actions in courts.

Thanks to their experience and personalized approach Yukov and Partners specialists work both in Moscow and other regions. We guarantee a full check on the case circumstances and working out the legal strategyin accordance with the labour law, professional litigation and consulting the client on all the questions they say.

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