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For the first time the Russian businessman in such a way tries to protect the assets from creditors

Vsevolod Miller estimated what chances at the owner the import company of JFC fruit Vladimir Kekhman to avoid payment of the numerous credits for territories of Russia if it was recognized as the British court the bankrupt as the individual.

“The banana king” Vladimir Kekhman who possesses the import company of JFC fruit, is recognized as the British court the bankrupt as the individual. This status can rescue it from payment of the numerous credits, experts and if the court in Russia agrees with the decision of foreign instance argue, other businessmen can go in the same way, experts consider.

The court of London rescued the owner of Bonanza! from creditors. The highest judicial authority of Great Britain declared bancrupt as the individual of businessman Vladimir Kekhman. About it it became known to the Kommersant newspaper. According to a judgment, for foreign assets of “the banana king” now can’t apply neither western, nor the Russian creditors. Earlier the court of St. Petersburg declared bancrupt the JFC company which belongs to Vladimir Kekhman. The correspondent of the Kommersant newspaper Svetlana Mentyukova reported about it.

“For the first time the Russian businessman which debts of the company, it is a question of JFC group which in Russia this year was declared bancrupt, are estimated slightly more than 38 billion rubles, in such a way tries to protect the assets from the Russian and western creditors in Great Britain. Information on Kekhman who has been declared bancrupt as the individual, is placed on a site of the registrar of private bankruptcies of Great Britain. Vladimir Kekhman refused to make comments on this fact somehow. Creditor banks were not in a course of this event therefore couldn’t bring a detail in this information” — Mentyukova tells.

The main creditors of the importer of fruit largest in Russia — the JFC companies — are Sberbank, Bank of Moscow, Promsvyazbank and “Uralsib”. In total the sum of debt makes more than 38 billion roubles.

The JFC group was based in 1994. The company is one of the largest Russian importers of fruit. Its number includes a known brand — Bonanza!. JFC borrows to 40 % of the Russian market of bananas. The main shareholder of group from shares more than 80 % — the Cyprian company which owner is the head of Mikhaylovsky theater Vladimir Kekhman. In 2011 in a course “Arab spring” JFC incurred the substantial damages connected with a rupture of business connections, loss of the markets and a non-return of the credits. On February 20, 2012 the company submitted the application with the requirement to recognize the bankrupt to Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. In March of JFC the management company of JFC group was declared bancrupt, in it competitive management is entered.

Experts already called Kekhman’s business by precedent. Lawyers believe that “the banana king” can be declared bancrupt as the individual and in Russia. If it occurs, its example will be followed also by other businessmen, it isn’t excluded by the adviser of law firm “Yukov and partners” Vsevolod Miller.

“The decision of the British court can be legalized in Russia. It very often becomes. Bankrotnoye the legislation in Russia is a little another. We have a sequence which in Great Britain and the USA isn’t present. Therefore Russian court will consider legitimacy of inclusion of the Russian assets in bankrotny competitive weight. I think that the Russian assets after all, most likely, won’t be touched. As the economy at us becomes more and more global, for certain it will pass in the future. As you know, at us the majority of the Russian business is registered in an offshore — it is Cyprus, it that is suitable. We have all country in an offshore what to do” — Miller speaks.

In the Russian vessels more than ten claims to JFC and its affiliated structures, and also claims to Kekhman are now considered.

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